The Final Countdown

Checks have been received from the following:

  1. Margaret Ashe Rabjohns
  2. Judy Bauske Neuman
  3. Dan Butler
  4. Dan Butler Guest
  5. Judy Ackerman Carroll
  6. Jean Caulfield Quaid
  7. Jean Chessare Jacobs
  8. Charles Clam
  9. Charles Clam Guest
  10. Lorraine Condon Fredericks
  11. Vivienne Corley Kerwin
  12. Donald Cranley
  13. Michael Doody
  14. Kevin Fee
  15. Lee Fry
  16. Lee Fry Guest
  17. Bob Full
  18. Bob Full Guest
  19. Bill Gansloser
  20. Bill Gansloser Guest
  21. Barb Goodwin Finn
  22. Sue Haas Moore
  23. Theresa Hennessy
  24. Bess Hogan
  25. Tom Hogan
  26. Jane Kearns Smirniotis
  27. Jane Kearns Smirniotis Guest
  28. John Keenor
  29. Frank Liebentritt
  30. Frank Liebentritt Guest
  31. John Madden
  32. John Madden Guest
  33. Margaret Magliano Schneider
  34. Anita Maniatis Kozlowski
  35. Dave Masino
  36. Denise Mathis Wermes
  37. Clare Meany Dwyer
  38. Clare Meany Dwyer Guest
  39. Jim Mulryan
  40. Pat Nardi
  41. Ken O’Mara
  42. Ken O’Mara Guest
  43. Mary O’Neill
  44. Robert O’Neill
  45. Patricia Pakal
  46. Ed Porter
  47. Ed Porter Guest
  48. Janet Prestinario Christie
  49. Cathy Quigley Trant
  50. Janet Rausch Pecko
  51. Janet Rausch Pecko Guest
  52. Greg Polus
  53. Dennis Reidy
  54. Dennis Reidy Guest
  55. Ed Riordan
  56. Bill Ryan
  57. Bill Ryan Guest
  58. Rima Salamie O’Connor
  59. Bob Sears
  60. Bob Sears Guest
  61. John Sears
  62. Marcia Sears
  63. Phyllis Shaughnessy Bergeron
  64. Phyllis Shaughnessy Bergnon Guest
  65. Barb Smith Dunne
  66. Barb Smith Dunne Guest
  67. Norine Smith Maloney
  68. Norine Smith Maloney Guest
  69. Penny Sommerstorfer Bonnar
  70. Jerry Stack
  71. Jerry Stack Guest
  72. Judy Stoecker
  73. Mary Sullivan
  74. Rosemary Sullivan
  75. Katherine Tomich
  76. Katherine Tomich Guest
  77. Flip Torpey
  78. Flip Torpey Guest
  79. Bob Tuohy
  80. Bill Weimar
  81. Bill Weimar Guest
  82. Bill White
  83. Mary Lou Williamson Daly
  84. Greg Yore
  85. Greg Yore Guest
  86. Alan Young
  87. Janet Young Harms
  88. Janet Young Harms Guest
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Be There or Be Square

Greetings, boys and girls of St. Ethelreda!

As promised, here is your July update:

  • Date: Saturday, September 24
  • Time: 6 PM to 10 PM
  • Cost: $40 (includes 4 hour open bar and buffet dinner)
  • Attire: Dress as you please

For directions to 115 Bourbon St., please go to our “Reunion Details” tab located at the top right of the screen. The parking lots fill quickly on Saturday nights, but valet parking is also available.

Due to an unacceptably high bank fee and IRS requirements, we have decided not to open up a separate “Reunion” account. Lou Sullivan will be handling your payment. Please send an email to for her contact information. Payment must be received by August 15.

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Dear St. Ethelreda Alums:

As you all know by now, our 1960-61 reunion will take place on September 24th, 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm, at 115 Bourbon St., Merrionette Park, Illinois. We estimate the cost will be between $35 and $45 per person, depending on the final count. Again, we express our gratitude to Bourbon St. and Ed and Norine (Smith) Maloney for making it possible to offer you a truly gala evening, including buffet and open bar.

Unfortunately, there are still a few classmates we have not been able to locate. We would all love to have as many of our former classmates as are able to attend. Please take a minute to look over our “unable to locate lists” by clicking on the tabs in the upper right-hand corner for each respective year.

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